Right now I`m thinking about my future,what I will do if  I stay in front of two roads with the power to choose just one of them. The time is running with the ages too,and I`m really scared; someday I`ll be old and maybe until then I will have the stranght to do everything I was planning.
   But I guess that my dreams are too big to become real,like an actress,when can I become a famous one,that kind of actress who is playing with actos like Jhonny Deep,or Ian Somerhalder? so little little time to act...
   I could really say that I like to dream,and see the bright side,of course everyone has dark times but for all of us these dark times are passing by all the time.
   I have almost finished my 8th grade and I`m glade that anouther year of school is at the finish line but in the same time ,this couple of days are the last ones with my collegues and best friends,and this represents the sad moment. I can`t see myself in the last day of this year,is to sad for me,`cause everything will become memories,but happy memories. And I remind the first day at 5th grade ,we were so funny and cute,and here we are big enought to go at French Bakery(one of my favorites places) and laught without thinking at everything but the present.